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Keeping Team Canada Covered. GC2018.

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is honored to keep Team Canada Athletes and Officials covered while attending the Gold ...

NEW ! Store Locator LIVE

Finding KINeSYS locally is now easier. Our network of Retail Partners is growing. You can now buy KINeSYS Sunscreen ...

New look KINeSYS SPF 30 Mango.

We are excited to launch Summer 2018 with new look packaging. Keeping the same formula you know and love, the iconic ...

Prepare for Spring // Save up to 50%

Preparing for a Spring break? Save up to 50% on select KINeSYS Sunscreens.   Available exclusively on products wit...

KINeSYS Launches in Australia

We are thrilled to announce that KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is now available in Australia at

Black Friday // Limited Edition KINeSYS Visor

Three days only! Order KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen online before 11.59pm (PST) Sunday 26th November and receive a F...

Fragrance-Free Sunscreens NOW in Stock

Your favourite KINeSYS products are now back in stock. SPF30 Fragrance Free, SPF30 Kids and SPF50 Fragrance Free are ...

SPF 30 Mango // The 'Blue Bottle' is Back

We are excited to announce that everyone's favorite, KINeSYS SPF 30 Mango Spray Sunscreen is now in stock. The iconic...

Where is the Blue Bottle?

Our "Blue Bottle", aka KINeSYS SPF30 Mango, is sadly missed.  We apologize that everybody’s favourite KINeSYS Sunscre...

SPF: 12 Essential Things You Must Know

Do you wonder what ‘SPF’ on sunscreen bottles means? What does SPF measure and why should you care? SPF sounds short...

New Look KINeSYS

What’s changed & what’s stayed the same? To the hundreds of loyal KINeSYS customers who have been in contact; th...
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