'KINeSYS has transformed my life'

"I discovered this sunscreen a few years back and it has transformed my life; truly! I have incredibly sensitive skin that reacts badly even to children's or "sensitive" sunscreens (I've tried much everything out there), plus I'm very fair so I burn in Summer even with a hat on in the shade, and I even burn in the Australian Winter. Now I can safely enjoy the outdoors and really live life to the fullest. It's made a huge difference to my life.

I'm a research academic, so I appreciate the actual science behind this product. The main thing though is the user experience. This stuff just DISAPPEARS LIKE MAGIC into your skin and you can't even tell you are wearing it if you use the fragrance-free one.

Pretty much every person I've been on an outdoor adventure with in recent years, I've offered them to try this awesome sunscreen and they have been delighted, even overjoyed by it's properties. The kids are also happy to have it slathered on because it isn't greasy and heavy or weirdly chemically like other regular or gel-based sunscreens. I have friends who also can't tolerate other so-called sensitive sunscreens but they LOVE this product.

Can't recommend it highly enough and I'm just so happy it is still alive and available. Thank you team KINeSYS!"

- Lucian C. VIC Australia. April 2017