5 Reasons Why We Should Shop Small

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5 Big Reasons Why Shopping Small Matters

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time for us all to think about where we are spending our hard-earned dollars. As a small, family-owned business, we thought it would be great to highlight some of the big reasons why shopping small is so important. 

In fact, as consumers, we shop an average of 3 times a week just for our food items. So, the next time you shop for your groceries or buy a gift for a loved one or buy your next season's clothes, perhaps think of this list and see if your dollars are being spent supporting your local community. 

1. Quality Products

Small businesses are run by the founder or business owner, and more often than not, that is the same person who is in charge of the product development or purchasing of their goods or services. So it stands to reason that they take pride in delivering great quality products. They create or offer products that they themselves would want to use. 

2. Great Customer Service

Independently owned businesses tend to give much better customer service and go above and beyond to ensure their customer's are satisfied. After all, their reputation relies on it. You may even get the owner answering your email and they certainly won't think of you as just a number!

3. Makes a Big Economic Impact

Large multi-national corporations tend to try and cut jobs, replacing them with technology, to lower expenses and increase profits. But small businesses add jobs to our local communities. Small businesses have a big economic impact. According to ISED, as of December 2022, there were 1.22 million employer businesses in Canada. Of these, 1.19 million (97.8%) were small businesses. 

4. Supports Local Economy

Shopping for your wants and needs with local businesses also means you're supporting your local economy and community through taxes and wages. Buying your veggies with Beth, the owner of your local fruit and vegetable store, means that you are likely purchasing locally sourced produce and Beth is also going to be spending her hard-earned profits back into the community. 

5. Solves Community Issues

Independent and often family-owned businesses care about what's affecting their communities. They focus on serving and giving back to community issues. And they give back big. As much as 250% more than larger businesses.

When you shop with KINeSYS you can trust that:

  • We are a small, family-owned business
  • Our sunscreens are all made in Canada
  • We source our bottles from Canadian or U.S manufacturers 

We value you and appreciate you choosing KINeSYS for your sun protection. Here's to shopping small and local where possible. 

Oh! And if you need some more sunscreen, head to your local retailer who stock our products, or you can order online with us here

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