Are You Applying Your Sunscreen Correctly? Here's How!

Are You Applying Your Sunscreen Correctly? Here's How!

At KINeSYS our purpose is to be part of creating a future free from Skin Cancer, and educating our community is a huge part of that. 

This SPF Blog has been written to share the shocking fact that it is likely you are not applying your sunscreen correctly. Studies have shown that although this seems a simple task, 85% of people are not applying enough sunscreen!

Because really, who follows instructions?! In this case, you should.

Having a sun protection strategy that takes into consideration daily UV levels, your activity and sun safe clothing is essential. But it’s vital to remember that Sunscreen will always be your last line of defence, this is why application matters so much. 

It’s important to carefully check the directions on your sunscreen bottle, and apply as directed. This is true for the amount of sunscreen to use, how to apply and to how often and when you should be reapplying. 

Top Tips for the CORRECT application and reapplication of KINeSYS.

1. KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens need to be applied at least 20 minutes before heading out into the sun. KINeSYS SPF 30 Clear Zinc mineral sunscreen is effective immediately after application.

We suggest getting into the habit of applying your sunscreen as part of your morning routine, like when you brush your teeth or before your first coffee! 

 2. When using KINeSYS Sprays it is necessary to swipe over the skin, to ensure even and adequate coverage - simply spraying is not enough. 

Remember your skin isn’t a smooth surface. You need to fill in your skin’s “valleys” before your skin’s “hills” can be covered.


Two lighter applications are better than one heavy application. This helps ensure you cover missed spots, and lighter applications dry more quickly. 

KINeSYS Sunscreen Are You Covered?

3. KINeSYS Natural Clear Zinc goes on white – making it easy to see where it’s been applied – and rubs in clear. 

The thick cream is easier to apply when warm and in smaller sections. Soften the product in your fingertips, pat over your exposed skin, and then rub in clear.

 4. Remember to cover all exposed skin, making sure not to forget the ears and nose, back of the neck, arms, legs, hands and feet. 

For those of us who wear their hair in a part, or have thinning hair - don’t forget to apply sunscreen along your part line.


When being active, your clothing will move. Hemlines ride up, collars and shirt-fronts shift, so applying sunscreen above the hemline, down the back of your neck and on your decolletage can help you avoid unwanted sunburn and skin damage. 

5. Reapplication is vital to staying protected from the sun, and it’s often something that is forgotten when we are enjoying time outdoors. 

If you have been swimming or sweating, towelling dry or wiping sweat off, you’ll also be wiping away your protection. In these situations, always re-apply sunscreen after 80 minutes.


Not so active? Sunscreen still needs to be reapplied every 2 hours to ensure sufficient and even coverage for when you next head outdoors.

We get it, remembering can be hard! Our two ultimate helpful tips - sunscreen is your last line of defense and directions are on all KINeSYS products!

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