Celebrating 5 Years with KINeSYS

Celebrating 5 Years with KINeSYS

KINeSYS owners Wade and Lisa Heggie bought KINeSYS, a Vancouver, Canada-based company, on February 15th, 2017.  After having their own experiences with skin cancers, they wanted to find effective sun protection for their children and for themselves. After trying numerous products on the market, they found KINeSYS which ended up being much better than any other sunscreen they had tried in the past. Their love of the product led them to continue the business as a small family-owned venture.

“Growing up in Australia I thought I was invincible. As a result, I’ve had skin cancer as a young adult. In late 2014 Wade was also diagnosed with melanoma. In the years that followed, we researched countless sun protection products.

Our search for the absolute best in sun protection has become more than a passion for us, it’s our purpose. KINeSYS is the sunscreen we wish we had growing up.” — Lisa Heggie

Lisa and Wade Heggie - Owners KINeSYS Active Sunscreen

Over the past 5 years, KINeSYS has won various awards, informed customers about effective sun protection with the SPF Blog, and created a new and improved look for the KINeSYS 25 year anniversary. Most importantly, KINeSYS products protected numerous Champions, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from the sun's harmful UV rays.

We continue to stay committed to providing quality sun protection products to you, our valued customers because we don't want the sun to get in the way of you enjoying a fun and active lifestyle.

KINeSYS has got you covered.

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