Four Reasons Why Pickleball Players Love KINeSYS Sunscreen

Sarah Ansboury KINeSYS Sponsored Athlete

Sunscreen, Just Better for Pickleball

At KINeSYS, we’re for the skinny singles, the dinkers and lobbers, the kitchen dabbler and the base-line slammers.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, with 4.8 million people making their way onto courts around the country. We absolutely love this mix between badminton, tennis and ping pong. It’s a classic game that, for many reasons, has captured the hearts of both amateur and professional sports players.  

Teresa Tarn Pickleball

Whether you are playing competitively or socially, the hours you spend on the court will begin to add up. Hours of fun, sportsmanship, community…and sun exposure.

Which is exactly why Pickleball players across Canada choose KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen

Here are the top four reasons why.

1. Doesn't Affect Your Grip

Oil free sunscreen

Keeping a firm grip on your paddle is essential for optimal performance. KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens are oil-free, water-free and dry to a natural matte finish, without the greasy residue of other sunscreens.

There is no need to wash or wipe your hands after application. Our performance formula doesn’t impact your paddle’s grip, or affect your own. 

Shawna Hight Pickleball

2. It's 80min Sweat Resistant

80 min water and sweat resistantOur sunscreens are sweat resistant for 80 min. There are no heavy lotions, they feel light on your skin, and won’t drip in your eyes or affect vision. It's important to apply and reapply sunscreen, especially after towelling off your post game sweat.

Always remember, if your skin isn't covered by enough sunscreen, it isn't protected.


3. Quick and Easy to Apply

Sprays on clear

KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens can be applied quickly in between games. Simply spray, swipe-over, and you are ready to head back out on the court. Our 30ml travel size is easily stored in your sports bag, perfect for on-the-go reapplication.

Compact in size, the 120ml bottles delivers 700+ sprays, and the travel-size 30ml delivers 170+ sprays.


 4. SPF When Being Your Sweaty Best 

Best Sunscreen for Pickleball

Our proprietary spray sunscreen formulas were designed with your active lifestyle in mind. While delivering you the SPF you demand, they are gentle on the skin.

Choose between fragrance free, or lightly scented products. Our sunscreens have no alcohol to dry out your skin, while containing nourishing Vitamin E. They are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic - meaning they won't block your pores while you are being your sweaty best.

KINeSYS Champions & Team KINeSYS Athletes

There are a number of incredible pro Pickleball players who are part of our community including Team KINeSYS Athletes, Dayne Gingrich and Sarah Ansboury, and KINeSYS Champion Teresa Tarn.

Along with keen amateurs, and KINeSYS Champions, Carolyn Moss and Shawna Knight we are honoured that these athletes trust KINeSYS Sunscreen to protect their skin, on and off the court.             

Dayne Gingrich KINeSYS Sunscreen
Sarah Ansboury KINeSYS Sunscreen

Pickleball Resources and Tours

Can’t get enough Pickleball?

Keep up to date with all the action, and find events happening near you. Follow Carvana PPA Tour and The Association of Pickleball Professionals Tour, and find where to play a game through Playtime Scheduler.

For teaching resources, look no further than our own pro athletes; Sarah Ansboury’s Pickleball Academy and Dayne Gingrich’s pickleball and mental performance coaching.

Forget the greasy and gloopy sunscreen lotion that you dread applying. 
KINeSYS delivers the SPF protection you demand without affecting your game.

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