Keeping Your Kids Sun Safe this Summer

KINeSYS Kids Sunscreen SPF30 Oil and Alcohol Free

Sun Protection Tips For Kids

Keeping your kids safe when playing outdoors is one of your top priorities as a parent, although, it can often be easier said than done. Wriggly kids can be difficult to protect from the sun, and many children either won’t stand still long enough for proper sunscreen application, or simply don’t like the feel of it.

At KINeSYS, we’re parents too. That’s why we’ve developed several sun protection solutions which kids love to use. In this blog article, we’ll discuss the most effective ways to keep the whole family, especially the kids, safe from the sun – no matter how they play, including the best sunscreen for your kids

Young skin is even more susceptible to damage, as kids under the age of 13 have skin that is 30% thinner – leaving them at greater risk of sun damage. With the added dangers of spending more time in the full sun and in the water than adults, sun protection is vital for children. 

Canadian's Risk Factor

“It’s important to draw attention to the rising incidence and death rates for skin cancer so that we can look at ways to be more effective in tackling this important public health problem,” says Dr Prithwish De, Epidemiologist, Canadian Cancer Society. “Skin cancer is a largely preventable disease if Canadians use proper sun protection and do not use indoor tanning.” – Cancer Council Society

North America has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, according to the World Cancer Research Fund.

Whilst these statistics might be enough to scare you off letting the kids outdoors for good – there are simple and effective ways to ensure they’re staying safe while enjoying the sun.

How to protect kids from the sun: The top 4 tips

All year round, but especially this summer, kids are keen to get outdoors and play. Whether they love to play in the park, in the water, or out and about – kids are particularly prone to sun damage. In fact, even on overcast days, the sun can do damage to your children’s skin. 

That’s why it’s so important to be prepared with the best sun protection solutions for your kids. Here are the top 4 ways to protect kids from the sun’s harmful UV rays:

1. Check the UV levels

Before heading outdoors to enjoy some time in the sun (or even on cloudy days) be sure to check the expected UV levels for the day. Note that experts suggest that UV levels of 3 or higher pose a risk. So, even if levels appear to be low, it’s important to factor in sun protection into your day.

2. Pack sun-safe clothing

Be sure to pack a hat and sun-safe shirt for the kids when heading outdoors. If the plan is to enjoy the beach or go swimming, a sun shirt or ‘rash vest’ is a great option. These are lightweight and won’t weigh down your kids in the water. It’s always a good idea to keep a couple of spares handy too, just in case clothing gets dirty, wet, or even lost.

3. Seek shade and time your outings

Of course, the best way to stay safe from the sun is to avoid harmful UV rays, especially at peak times. Where possible, avoid being in the sun at the peak UV hours of the day. Early mornings and early evenings are the best time to be outdoors during summer, when UV rays tend to be lower than in the middle of the day. When it’s not possible to time your outings for lower UV levels, be sure to seek shade when you can. If playing in the park or heading outside for a picnic, nothing beats the shade of a tree. Taking an umbrella to the beach is another great way to offer some shade to the kids when they’re having a rest.

4. Sunscreen: Apply, reapply and reapply again

And finally, use a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 and be sure to apply at least 20 minutes before your kids head out into the sun. Then, reapply every 2 hours at the most. If the kids are in the water, or sweating, be aware that sunscreen will rub off and lose its efficacy. Use a water and sweat resistant sunscreen and reapply every 80 minutes, or as directed on the label. Also be sure to reapply after they’ve towelled off from a swim, or even after they’ve been wiping their faces when sweating. Sunscreen can only be effective if it’s on the skin – so apply, reapply, and reapply again!

Best sunscreen for kids

What’s the best sunscreen for kids? Well, as we mentioned in our blog The Difference Between SPF 30 And SPF 50 Sunscreen, the best sunscreen is the one you love to wear. The same goes for kids. Children often dislike the way a sunscreen feels when being applied. Cold sprays, for example, are likely to warrant a shriek and result in a runaway child. Using an alcohol-free sunscreen in a non-aerosol bottle will avoid the dreaded cold sunscreen spray. Best of all, it's clear. No white goop here!

Best Sunscreen for Kids KINeSYS SPF30 Sunscreen Oil and Alcohol Free

KINeSYS SPF50 Sunscreen named one of TOP ALLERGY-FRIENDLY SUNSCREENS by Allergic Living Magazine.

Our kid's sunscreen ticks all the boxes (oh! And they actually like using it) 

We know that kids can be fussy about their sunscreen, so we’ve developed a range of sunscreens just for kids.

  • Goes on Clear! This is probably the thing people love the most about our sunscreen. No white sticky and oily goop here!
  • Orange Coloured Bottle. A favourite with kids everywhere (and easy to find in amongst the gym gear, swimming bags or inside your handbag).
  • Non-Aerosol Bottle. Our bottle is a pump spray. So you won't have that awful cold spray when it's time to apply. (Let's be honest, no one likes that feeling!).
  • Fragrance & Preservative Free. Our kid sunscreen is free from fragrances (which is great for sensitive skin and little noses).
  • Oil and Alcohol Free. No sticky residue and perfect for people who have sensitive skin. 

“My son is so fussy about getting sunscreen on, this is the only one he puts on without any massive drama. I think he actually likes it! We love it!” – Emma N.

They’re also broad-spectrum and SPF 30, which means they protect from both UVA and UVB rays – giving your kids, and the whole family, the best protection from the sun. 

They also come in two great sizes: A 120ml for the whole family, and a handy 30ml travel-size pack which fits anywhere, making it easy to take everywhere.

We’ve also have our all-natural, oxybenzone-free reef safe SPF 30 Clear Zinc. This revolutionary product is great for sensitive skin, as it contains all-natural ingredients, is lightly scented with peppermint and rosemary, and just like the rest of our range, is non-comedogenic, so won’t block pores or cause irritation. It’s easy to apply, especially on wriggly kids, as it goes on white and rubs in clear. And, it's reef safe!

KINeSYS Reef Safe Zinc Oxide

What’s even better about our all-natural zinc is that it’s been specially designed to be reef safe, which means it helps to protect our reefs, marine life and waterways.

No matter how your kids play, KINeSYS has a sunscreen to suit them – and keep the whole family safe from the sun.

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“I burn easy and am sensitive to scents – this is why KINeSYS is the best sunscreen!” – Alana M.

“Our family loves KINeSYS sunscreen. It’s light, easy to apply and feels great on your skin. Can highly recommend it.” – Diana P. 

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