KINeSYS Products: Proudly Made in Canada

KINeSYS Products: Proudly Made in Canada

Canada Day is coming up and we are so proud to be made in Canada.

KINeSYS packaging and products are produced in the Lower Mainland Region, BC. When components are not made in Canada, such as our micro-sprayers, they are made by US manufacturers. This way we can ensure that our valued customers are receiving high quality products, in a shorter timeframe.

KINeSYS Packaging Made in Canada

Check out our cool shipping boxes. We commissioned North American artist Jessa Gilbert to create single-line drawings for our packaging, based on the diversity of our community and the activities they enjoy, and they are made in Richmond, BC.

At KINeSYS, we encourage our customers to shop small and shop local.  We love supporting the local economy so we practice what we preach.

We work with incredible local Retail Partners who bring you the best specialised products for your outdoor activities.  Check out our store locator to see where you can purchase KINeSYS products near you.  

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