KINeSYS Partners with The Kitchen Pickleball Community

KINeSYS Partners with The Kitchen Pickleball Community

We’re for the skinny singles, the dinkers and lobbers, the kitchen dabbler and the base-line slammers.

Pickleballers are choosing KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen as their sun protection of choice while out on the hot summer courts.  That's why we've partnered with The Kitchen Pickleball Community to bring you Moments in the Sun.

In this series, they highlight some of the top up-and-coming Pickleball players like  Lina Padegimaite Daniel De La Rosa, and  Julian Arnold to learn about how they discovered the sport, what their breakout moment was and what the future holds.


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The Kitchen is the fastest growing pickleball community that provides players with the best curated Pickleball content and various local communities to connect with other new players.  Here's what founders of The Kitchen have to say about KINeSYS.

"Jared and I both used your product during the Austin Open and can speak from a place of passion and confidence that it works."

~ Jason Aspes, Co-Founder of The Kitchen - A Pickleball Community


The Kitchen Pickleball Community

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In a previous blog, we outlined 3 Reaons Why Pickleballers Love KINeSYS.  But here is what our community have to say:

 Teresa Tarn KINeSYS Champion Pickleball Pro

Dayne Gingrich Professional Pickleball Player Friend of KINeSYS

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