KINeSYS SPF50 Named A Top Allergy-Friendly Sunscreen...Again!

KINeSYS SPF50 Named A Top Allergy-Friendly Sunscreen...Again!

KINeSYS SPF50 named in Allergic Living Top Allergy-Friendly Sunscreen list for 2021.

The team here at KINeSYS are proud to announce that our SPF 50 Fragrance Free sunscreen has been acknowledged as a top allergy-friendly sunscreen by Allergic Living Magazine.

Allergic Living listed just 13 allergy-friendly sunscreens in it's 2021 list of Top Allergy-Friendly Sunscreens. Our SPF 50 was included because it is fragrance free as well as gluten free. Also because it is free of the 9 allergens. Not only does their list keep sensitive skin in mind, they also list sunscreens without harsh chemicals. 

"I have sensitive skin and usually sunscreen will cause my skin to break out. KINeSYS sunscreen doesn't do that. I never have any issues. Also, I love how it doesn't sting my eyes, especially when I sweat." Tom H - Australia.

All of our KINeSYS sunscreen products are made in Canada and we take great pride in ensuring we use the highest standard of ingredients. Our formulas are created with care, leaving ingredients out that can cause irritants for people with sensitive skin

"We pay close attention to not just the quality of the formulas, but also the quality of our ingredients. Being on this list gives credit to the lengths we go to ensure we have the best sunscreen people can trust.” Lisa - Co-Owner of KINeSYS Sunscreen. 

KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free Allergic Living's Top Allergy Friendly Sunscreens

KINeSYS SPF50 sunscreen ticks all the boxes:

      • Fragrance free
      • Oil free
      • Hypoallergenic 
      • Alcohol free
      • Non-Comedogenic
      • No colorants, fragrances or sulfites
      • Gluten-Free, cruelty-Free and vegan
      • Free of parabens, preservatives and PABA's
      • Oxybenzone-free 

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