Welcome to our 2021 KINeSYS Champions. Brand Ambassadors with authenticity

KINeSYS Brand Ambassadors Champions

Our brand ambassador program is in its third year, and we are very excited to welcome a new team of Champions to the KINeSYS family. 

In the last two years our hugely successful program has included many outstanding people. In 2021 we have grown our Champion team by selecting individuals who represent the diverse range of athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts that make up the KINeSYS community. 

We welcome Champions from across the globe, spanning all stages of life. Everyone from pickleball competitors, runners, cyclists, paddlers, personal trainers, and even a soccer goalie. KINeSYS really is about “However you perform” and our Champions truly do represent that ideal. 

As a small, family-owned brand we value authenticity, which is why our Ambassadors are the face of KINeSYS.

They are the champions of our brand; Real people with real stories, who all use and LOVE our products

KINeSYS Champions

Our ambassadors have become such a valued and integral part of our community, which is why we are ecstatic to introduce you all to the team of 65+ individuals who have been named 2021 KINeSYS Champions.

Richard Alberthsen
Justin McDonald
Sarah Ansboury
Kate McDonald
Michelle Arduini
Wayne McMurtrie
Aisha Baker
Ashleigh McNulty
Samantha Bond
Harrison Medley
Michelle Brander
Polly Moody
Susan Cassan
Hufsa Mushtaq
Lynne Chiu
Holly Myers
Greg Christensen
Dom Olsen
Dekel Chui
Amelia O'Reilly
Barb Crone
Pete Otero
Shauna Curran-Cooper
Kai Pantano
Andrew Day
Sarah Penny
Gai Disley
Nicky Rose
Brian  Elliott Nicole Rowles
Regina Franco Sophie Russell
Jenn Galliford Adam Sale
Jaime Gonek Sherie Lou Santos
Diane Groff Kimi Sato
Heidi Guthrie Nicole Siddon
Arne Gutmann Stu Smith
Tim Hacker Jennnifer Stephens
Filip Handl Jr John Stevenson
Deanna Hanes Ashley Stewart
Ranu Harrison Ayla Stromquist
Dianne Haydey Enrique Suana
Nancy Hobbs Yvonne Timewell
Morgan Jane Melissa Urie
Diane King Kel Walker
Leanne Labranche Doris Watson
Emma Lansdown Karen Welwood
Tina Lum Chris Whittingtonn
Terrence Maberry Gareth Williams
Katie Mackenzie