Where is the Blue Bottle?

Mango scented sunscreen. Sport Sunscreen.

Our "Blue Bottle", aka KINeSYS SPF30 Mango, is sadly missed. 

We apologize that everybody’s favourite KINeSYS Sunscreen is currently out of stock and we thank you for your understanding.

There is an exciting update!

Our ingenious Production Manager has advised SPF 30 Mango Spray should be available late Spring - in both 120ml and 30ml travel-sized bottles.

We promise to let you know a confirmed delivery date, as soon as we do, and how pre-orders can placed.
In the meantime, KINeSYS can keep you protected.

Fragrance Free Spray options include SPF 30, SPF 50 and SPF 30 Kids.

If you prefer a light scent, try SPF 30 Girl Spray, with Vanilla-Green Tea; it’s our favourite.

However you perform, give your skin the best chance of protection. 

Stay Active!
The KINeSYS Team


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