Your Sunscreen for Winter Sports

Your Sunscreen for Winter Sports

Why Sunscreen is Important for Winter Sports.

Winter UVB rays from the sun can be weaker than they are in summer. However, the UVA rays which cause wrinkles, premature aging, and skin damage are just as strong during the colder months. At KINeSYS, we’re often asked whether sun protection is necessary for winter. In this blog, we'll explain why sunscreen is important 365 days of the year!

If you're like us, you still love getting outdoors and active in those cold winter months.  Active people like you and I love spending time skiing, snowboarding ,mountaineering, snow shoeing, hiking and tobogganing. Adequate sun protection is still important when engaging in these outdoor activities.

When you're on the side of a mountain, UV radiation is especially strong, as its concentration is increased with altitude.

"With every 1,000 feet increase in altitude, UV levels increase by 4% to 5%."

Also, the effects of UV radiation is increased by the reflection of snow and ice by as much as 90 percent.  

KINeSYS Champion Greg Christensen Winter Buff

Can you get sunburn from snow?

Yes, as we’ve highlighted above, snow and ice can increase the effects of UV radiation by reflecting UV rays and intensifying their effects. Paired with the higher concentration of UV radiation at altitude, sun exposure in the snow can be as harmful as that you’d expect on a sunny summer’s day at the beach.

Have you ever come off a day of skiing and realised you have a goggle tan?

There is no such thing as a safe tan.

Which sunscreen is best for winter?

If you’re active outdoors during the winter, your considerations when choosing sunscreen should be similar to those you’d use in summer.

  • Ensure that you’re using a high level of SPF, like SPF 30, and that your sunscreen is water and sweat-resistant.
  • Choose a sunscreen that’s kind to your skin, rubs in clear and doesn’t cause a reflection at high altitudes (which can interfere with visibility).
KINeSYS Champion Ashley Stewart Winter Sunny

KINeSYS SPF 30 Natural Clear Zinc

KINeSYS SPF 30 Clear Zinc is a great outdoor winter sports sunscreen, as it goes on white – making it easy to see where it’s been applied – and rubs in clear. Its non-reflective mineral formula is also 100% mineral and lightly scented with natural preservatives peppermint and rosemary, making it kind to sensitive skin. 

KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens

Another excellent option is the KINeSYS range of spray sunscreens.  Suitable for face and body, the pump sprays are easy to apply, are clear on the skin and non-comedogenic – meaning they don’t block your pores and will let your skin breathe. Available in SPF 30 and SPF 50, fragrance-free and scented variations including Vanilla-Green Tea Sunscreen and Mango Scented Sunscreen, all KINeSYS spray sunscreen are oil-free, alcohol-free and free of parabens, PABAs, preservatives and Oxybenzone. 

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